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Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's gonna rain! (I thought)


Well, quick and simple post for today, unrelated with the end of the month weekend, we actually decided to spent this weekend on the mall, with a quite good nice weather also a bit windy, crossed me a beautiful thought: was it gonna rain? but then, it's not (ugh!).

By the time, I was so proud to be the person whose wearing my own PGStore collection, the only reason for that, is I felt that I should knew exactly what kind of comfy and chic product that I sell, simply said: I am what I sell ;)

So, this is what I wore today.. 

kpop t-shirt
Enjoying posed at the childhood store

..it continues with the cute stylish flexible dress ;)  

korean patterned short dress

korean patterned short dress
from barbershop to the clothing shop 
and of course my favorite supermarket stall!

La..la..la..la..la.. I kinda feels like one of the K-pop icon already *LOL

Finally, always and for sure, thanks God it's another nice and happy holiday.

Hope it happened and happens the same way for you too girls ;)


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Have a Happy Shopping Beautiful! :* 

*Photos taken by: My beloved R


aduh sis di supermarket jg masih bs narsis yaa XD hahah anw that clothes looks good on you :)

PGStore said...

Hahaha, kecanggihan teknologi bikin narsis ga kenal tempat sis :)) btw, thank youu sis Icel :*

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