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The online store of Korean stylish apparel in Jakarta, described by a simplicated women and designed by an edu-creative men. It's about living and loving fashion.


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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Be brave and beautiful with PGStore

PGStore is one of the Korean fashion online store.
Based on the philosophy “A Lady’s best friend is a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories”, which encourages us to give the braveness from every ladies to earn their own freedom into fashion and to be fashionable.

From our point of view, South Korean lady (at least from what we seen on TV) usually wear a fresh, fun, stylish, chic and sweet apparels. That's the main reason we sell Korean casual fashion, from tee, sweatshirt, blouse and dress.

Well girls,
Just let people staring at you…
Kids wandering around you… 
Stalker following you…

even someone may stop you.

Wear it at your own risk!

Be brave and beautiful.

Let us help you to find the perfect look from clothes by adding us in Facebook: www.facebook.com/PGStore

We deliver the awesomeness of fashion to your doorstep.

Have a happy shopping beautiful  :*


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